13 is the beginning of Promises and New Life unfolding

So yesterday I received an envelope from my little sister that contained 13 keys. There are many reasons to like keys, as there are many reasons to like the number 13.
As I sat with the Lord last night He reminded me of all the good things He’s accomplished on the 13th, and YES even Friday the 13th. Too often we put more stock in superstition then faith. We go to the dark side instead of where the light shines so brightly.

So I now have 13 keys to 13 old doors – well Legacy comes from the past – The past is not bad, it is used for education and teaching. Once you are past the past, it can be used to get others through the past. To use old doors and old keys for the benefit of others is a good thing – a promise for a future.

Not Let me tell you how awesome 13 is….
1. Jesus plus 12 disciples = 13 Gods plan
2. Jewish boys become men at 13
3. Promise @ http://www.faithwriters.com/article-details.php?id=82702
4. Freedom, Power and Authority @ https://ificouldteachthebible.com/2012/04/07/the-number-thirteen-in-the-bible/
5.Mysteries @https://mysticalnumbers.com/number-13-in-christianity/

When we stop following what others say and begin to seek things out for ourselves, we just might discover that things are not as we are told, and not as we think, are not as they seem, but rather there are other possibilities and probabilities that will take your mind and heart to greater things. To focus on the negativity will surely bring you negative results.

13 is a blessing, a promise, a mystery and originally created by God for God. To allow anyone else to take that away from us – would be so very sad. So celebrate this number with thanksgiving and praise, just like any other number, as it’s just as special as any other, says the Lord. Blessings


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