Seven times in Revelation it says, “He who has an ear, let him hear what the spirit says to the churches.”

Revelation 2:7 (Ephesus), 2:11 (Smyrna), 2:17 (Pergamum), 2:29 (Tyarira), 3:6 (Sardis), 3:13 (Philadelphia) &  3:22 (Laodicea)

First off, is says “He WHO has an ear” – my goodness, do you have an ear?

Then it says, “let him HEAR what the SPIRIT says to the churches.”

Oh my goodness, you’re supposed to hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches?  And who is the church?

You see, it seems we’ve put so much trust in people that we’ve forgotten to hear for ourselves what God is instructing, what HE is saying to us.

WE ARE THE CHURCH.  When we begin to do things our way, we get the results of our own powers, our own understanding, our own self and wants.

What if we Stopped, took some time and sat with the Holy spirit, isn’t he the one God gave us to mediate between us and God?  Isn’t the Holy Spirit a gift

to us so that we wouldn’t have to lean on our own understanding and get the alignment we need with God?  Then why don’t we take the time to listen?

Matthew 11:15  “He who has ears to hear, let him hear”

Mark 4:9  “And He was saying, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.”

Mark 4:23  “If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear”

Luke 8:8  “Other seed fell into the good soil, and grew up, and produced a crop a hundred times as great. ‘As He said these things, He would call out, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.’ ”

It’s an invitation that surpasses the ages, ANYONE who chooses to hear, may hear.  ANYONE who chooses to Listen, to receive what the Holy Spirit is doing or wants you to do CAN.  It’s open to anyone who has ears to hear.

That still small voice who gets you into the right, gets you into freedom, shows you value, morality, unity and LOVE – it’s that voice that brings us together and not divides us apart.  It’s that voice that calls us, woos us, pulls us into somewhere good, peaceful, prosperous, light and freeing.

God loves all His children, but like the problem all fathers/mothers face – NOT ALL CHILDREN listen to them.  NOT ALL CHILDREN heed their warnings, teachings or even want their fathers/mothers protection.

WE all get to choose what we want, it’s our choice and fathers/mothers who Love for their children, will wait for them to come home.  Will pray for them to be happy; to find who they are, what they need to do and celebrate the identity placed inside them when they were created.

Fathers/Mothers will also rebuke poor decisions, or cry when children hurt, and desire the best for them.  Good fathers/mothers allow their children to discover the truth when they won’t listen and they’ll wait for them to return home to be celebrated.

Being able to Hear is a choice we all get to make for ourselves – despite our hurt, our teachings, our understanding, our past or our future.  WE CHOOSE to listen or not listen.  God puts it out there for us, He gives us not only permission but an invitation to listen, to hear and receive His heart, words and directions.  It’s your choice to hear or not.

Listening also requires the patience and ability to hear each other.  We cannot go into trials with closed minds and hearts, we must listen to each other to hear the others heart so that we can amend any offenses or hurts that have been inflicted upon each other.  Listening is a skill we practice and perfect, it’s not just hearing the words, but rather listening to the hearts of others.  When we can see where someone else is coming from or needing, then resolution can occur.

Be the ear the hears beyond the words, the tones, the static.  Listen.



Father God I pray that your children would hear your heart, your words and your directions for this season and seasons to come.  I pray that there be no obstacles to keep them from your breath, your heart beat and your loving touch.  As each person comes into a new season I declare clarity upon their minds and hearts to seek deeper into you and what your call is upon their lives.  I release identity over each and every person who should even stumble upon this blog to seek you out and what you have that is greater than their biggest dream. To you Lord a revival beyond anything that earth has seen to date and Thank you for always being the greatest father we have ever known.  In Jesus name


When did you become “ONLY”

I was thinking today how many times I’ve heard someone say, “I only” a house wife, or a mom, or a whatever. When did you become “ONLY”?

When we begin to speak about ourselves as if there is nothing much to us, we set ourselves up for being exactly what we believe we are. Why would anyone do that to themselves?

On many occasions in the past I began to think this way about myself and then when I began to see who I was, my value, my importance, I was NO LONGER “ONLY” those things I had once thought I was. Then I began to grow and see things about myself I never knew existed. I began to believe bigger about myself and bigger about those around me.

Would a parent tell their child they are “ONLY” this or that? NO!!! We encourage our children to dream, to expect big, do big, dream big. We need to do that for ourselves. NO matter how old you are – DREAM again and DREAM big.

God has big things for you should you choose to open that mind, to renew, restore what He’s given you and DREAM again.

YOU ARE NOT “ONLY” anything – you are everything, you are all you can dream and imagine. You are important, valuable, creative and made in a wonderful and masterful body, no matter if it doesn’t quite look that way now. YOU ARE PERFECT!!!

So I break off the ONLY in your life, I bind that thoughts that would come against you stopping you from seeing the bigger, better, more masterful you. I remove the “IF ONLY” “I AM ONLY” and “ONLY ONLY” from your mind and thoughts.  I release diverseness in you, the uniqueness of you and I release LOVE, possibilities, JOY, excitement and a NEW brighter and adventurous YOU. There is nothing “ONLY” about you.  I say you are who your creator made you to be and there is no one or no thing that can “ONLY” you again.


Are You a Diamond?


Are you a diamond?  On more than one occasion the thought of intense pressure changing a lump of coal to a Diamond has crossed my mind.  But then today I read that scientists in fact believe that these two elements are in fact different and perhaps one is not the result of another.

So perhaps Coal is not the beginning of a diamond, that’s ok by me as it only makes the rarity of a diamond that much more valuable as it’s process is unique from other gems.

Turns out that Diamonds are still formed in intense pressure and heat – 2200 degrees Fahrenheit and about 725,000 pounds of pressure, then followed by a cooling process which gives diamonds their hardness, which by the way is not found in coal.

Diamonds are more pure than Coal and found deep, hidden within the mantel of the earth, where as Coal is much closer to the surface. – –

So Now I am thinking how much greater is this – How God had created some of us much more like diamonds than Coal.  Think about your life and the pressure and temperatures you endure throughout.  Now not everyone is a diamond, but then again not everyone prefers diamonds.  Some prefer Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds and such.  But some of us are diamonds and the temperatures of life and the pressures of life have contributed a clarity that others don’t have or may not even want.

I believe the Diamonds are hidden until God does his refining and cutting and polishing to show the world His masterpiece.  I believe some will never recognize the value of His diamonds and others will value it with such passion, never wanting to loose it.  But no matter whether you love the Diamond or may not prefer it; It’s value is so great that no one can deny it.

So who are you?  Are you a diamond hidden in the Earth’s mantle waiting for God to expose you to the world?  Or do you long to see one, possess one, know one?  Or perhaps you admire it and walk by never knowing what it’s like to value perfection that only God sees.

I long to be His diamond, strong, brilliant, valuable and a clarity undefined by anyone but Him.  May God bless you whether you’re a diamond, Ruby or Emerald.  May your heart know who you are and where you are going.  May you never question your value as He’s already set it and you only need to receive and be it.


God Bless and have an amazing Love filled day.

What’s your Pearl 

Matthew 7:6

 “Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine, or they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces. 

I decided to look this up… often times as we grow were taught different things by different teachers and its good. ..it’s beyond what we thought.  But when we begin to question and seek for ourselves something better just might pop into our spirit. 

So I wanted to know what my pearl was… strongs concordance says this. .
Word: margarithj

Heb Strong:
1) a pearl 

2) a proverb, i.e. a word of great value
So then I actually looked up in Websters the actual phrase “cast pearl before swine” and it says this. …

:  to give or offer something valuable to someone who does not understand its value

I began thinking about this. … we don’t give steak to babies because they can’t consume it yet. We don’t even talk or explain things to children like we would to an adult because their not ready. .they don’t understand the same things the same way.

So perhaps our pearl isn’t our gifting or love but rather our words, our wisdom and knowing what another can and can’t consume/absorb or receive where they are.

For me this is powerful and freeing because I give and give and many times others can’t receive me or my words. So it’s possible is not about me, but rather where they are and are willing to receive.

Just a thought, so what do you think?